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(10+) 2017 Leader Sprinters, All Very Clean and Well Maintained

From a contract we have we will have a regular supply of these 2017 Leader Sprinters for the next couple years a least. Becoming 2018 Sprinters in middle of next year. We will have our first couple starting August 16th followed by 2 to 3 more the end of August. And 3 more in September. And then 6 to 9 per month for the months after that for the foreseeable future.

All of these Sprinters are exceptionally clean and well maintained. Maintained by onsite Mercedes certified mechanics for their whole life. Also very clean southern bodies.

All will have the Stryker Universal Floor Plate with wiring installed, no stretchers or equipment. We do sell Stryker products new.

They will all have between 265,000 miles and 287,000 miles. Diesel Sprinters can go a very long time. There are many on the road with over 600k miles on them and some with a million miles on the odometer, there is reason Fedex and other haulers use them. Also very fuel efficient, some services feel they pay for themselves in saved fuel costs.

They all have a full service history file available since day 1.