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(2) 2011 E350 Medix Gas

(2) 2011 E350 Medix Gas 6.8L

Matching pair, both have the V10 gas engine, both Medix E350

Interior on both trucks is clean and good shape. Exterior has corrosion in typical spots – by rub rails, wheel wells, compartment seams, etc. not terrible and it is there.  On the photos on this page you can click on the main/larger photo and it will zoom out full screen.    Light bubbling in a number of spots.

Both trucks run fine and both have some oil residue on top of the coolant so headgasket is starting to go.

Sold totally as is.  $4,500 each.

#2207 has 280,868 miles    #2208 has about the same miles.

Inside Floor to Ceiling:  in

Box Length:  in

Box Width:  in

Cab to Axle:  in.