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Type II RAM ProMaster 3500 Pioneer Elite Ambulance

Type II ambulance built on RAM ProMaster 2500 chassis

The larger ALS focused ProMaster 3500 ambulance, longer than the 2500 model.

New 2021 ProMaster based ambulance. The only front wheel drive ambulance chassis, some better traction than a rear wheel drive (Transit) ambulance, lower load in height. Add cot mount of your choice (universal antlers $750 installed), Ferno Stat Track and Styker Performance load or Power Load available. When you buy thru us you get an upgraded chassis warranty to 100,000 miles standard, that warranty is upgradeable to 200,000 miles for $1,100.

As of March 2021 we are about 3 to 4 months from order to delivery. Financing available. We deliver these all over the US, and Worldwide models available for export.

Chassis Features

  • Low Clearance Height
  • Front wheel Drive
  • Narrow Turning Radius (less than 36 feet in diameter)
  • Lower step in height for easier, more ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Better handling and maneuverability with less body roll and wind sheer
  • Highest interior patient compartment height (up to 76”)


  • 35,000 Lumen Light System
  • 16 Unit & Alley Lights
  • “New” 10 Floor Mounted Perimeter Lights*
  • Grille Mounted Emergency Lights (4)
  • Forward Facing LED’s on Mirrors
  • Upgraded Auto-eject Shoreline with Indicator light
  • Twin 100-watt Grille Protected Sirens
  • Wide Angle Back-up Lamps for added visibility
  • Integrated plug and play control module
  • USB Ports (4)
  • 110 Electrical Outlets (8)
  • Tri-Mode Cabin Lighting
  • Red LED Floor Lighting
  • LED Cabinet Lighting
  • 2000 Watt Inverter/Charger
  • Deep Cycle Marine Back –up Battery (2)
  • Digital Oxygen Sensor with built in Cut-off Solenoid

Interior Finish

  • Upgraded 2 Panel Interior Walls
  • 6-Point Harness on Bench Seat or EVS Backpack Restraints on Captain Chairs
  • Diamond Plate Floor and Wall trim
  • Entire Interior is Blood-borne Pathogen Compliant


  • Upper Aluminum Cabinet (4)
  • Main Horizontal Aluminum Cabinet (3)
  • Locking Narcotics Cabinet
  • Brushless Aluminum Facia (scratch resistant)
  • Corian Countertops in the Action Station
  • CAAS Compliant Shatterproof Cabinet Panes
  • Surlok Dual-Portable Oxygen mount
  • Slide out Oxygen Tray for M-Tank
  • Slide out Medical Air Tray
  • Auxiliary Work Station
  • Vertical Cabinets (2)
  • Slide out drawers (4)
  • Storage slot for backboard, scoops and splints
  • Inverter/ Charger

Optional Features

  • 360 degree Camera system with (4) exterior cameras and (1) interior camera
  • Slide Out Monitor Mount Tray
  • Flip up Re-stocking Cabinets
  • Lockable ALS Cabinets
  • Multiple Bench and Seating Configurations
  • Ferno Stair Chair Wall Mount
  • RFID Locking Narcotics Box (with inventory control)
  • Heating and Cooling Cabinet (for IV ‘s and Blankets)
  • Integrated Child Seat (on command seat)
  • Variety of Stryker and Ferno Retention Systems
  • Custom Lettering on Running Boards (with LED backlight)
  • Custom Vehicle Wraps
  • Grill Brush Bar with wide angle fog light
  • Inverter/ Charger


  • Upgraded Ram Chassis Warranty to 100,000 miles
  • 5 yr/100,000 Mile Ambulance Conversion Warranty
  • Optional 200,000 Mile Extended Chassis Warranty Available

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