Rental Ambulances

Elite Ambulance Sales™ is partnered with Specialty Rentals LLC to provide ambulances and wheelchair vans for rent all across the United States. We take great care to ensure that our ambulances meet or exceed all safety and regulatory standards, offering peace of mind to both clients and patients.

Our growing fleet of rental units are stationed out of our Elite Manufacturing™ LLC service center location in Jefferson, NC. All rental ambulances have been serviced, detailed and Bioquell sanitized before going out for rent.

At your request, we are happy to provide you with a specific quote for an ambulance rental. Most Type III and Type II ambulances that Specialty Rentals LLC owns and has for rent are available at $220/day. Included in this rate is 2,000 miles of use per month. Miles over the 2,000 miles per month are charged at $0.55 a mile. The additional cost for including a Stryker Power-LOAD is an additional $30/day.

We do require a 60-day minimum rental for all our ambulance rentals. Outside of the 60-day minimum, you may rent an ambulance for as long as you require. All Renters are responsible for routine maintenance (oil changes, checking and keeping fluids topped up, etc.).

Custom Graphics and delivery to your location are also available for additional fees.


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