Workhorse™ Light Rescue Trucks

Built by Elite Manufacturing™, the Workhorse™ Light Rescue Truck is a versatile and dependable vehicle designed to provide efficient and effective rescue operations in various emergency situations. With its specialized equipment and features, it is specifically built to support first responders in their mission to save lives and provide aid in critical situations.

One of the key features of the Workhorse™ Light Rescue Truck is its compact size, which allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces and congested areas. This makes it the ideal choice for urban environments and narrow roadways where larger vehicles may struggle to navigate.

Key Workhorse Stock Build Features:

  • Chevrolet K3500 4×4 Gas Chassis
  • 12 Foot All Aluminum Module
  • ROM Roll-Up Doors
  • Federal Lighting Package
  • Winco 6kW Generator
  • Westin Brush Guard
Available Options:
  • Front Mounted Winch
  • Remote Light Tower(s)
  • Air Compressor
  • Slide-Out Trays
  • Additional Shelves or Partitions
  • Custom Paint And Graphics
  • Install Customer Supplied Equipment
  • 14 Foot Module On A Ford F450/F550 Or Ram 5500 Chassis
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Workhorse July 2024 3

Able to carry a range of specialized tools and equipment, the truck enables first responders to handle a variety of rescue operations. It is designed to carry equipment such as portable cutting tools, hydraulic rescue tools, medical supplies, and ventilation equipment. With its spacious storage compartments and well-organized layout, the truck ensures easy access to these essential tools in emergency situations.

In addition, the Workhorse™ Light Rescue Truck is built with a durable and rugged frame, making it reliable in extreme weather conditions and challenging terrains. It is designed to withstand high impacts and offers excellent stability.

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Workhorse July 2024 2

The truck is also equipped with advanced communication and lighting systems, enhancing visibility and improving coordination among the first responders. This enables them to react quickly and efficiently to emergency situations, saving precious time in critical rescue operations.

The Workhorse™ Light Rescue Truck is a valuable asset for fire departments, EMS teams, and other first responders. Its compact design, robust construction, and range of specialized equipment make it an essential tool in emergency situations, enabling quick response and effective rescue operations.

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