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*Available June 30th* New 2022 F550 4×4 Supercab McCoy Miller Remount #542

*This next Type I will look very similar to the previous truck pictured above.* The second and third photos show the inside of the box being used before the remount process, it will be all redone, new upholstery, new floor, etc.

A New 2022 Ford F550 Supercab (extended cab) with 4WD and the 7.3L Gas engine chassis, with liquid spring suspension.  Approximate completion date of June 20th. It will be getting a 2008 McCoy Miller box remounted on to it, very similar to the previous truck pictured above. All new wiring, new lonseal floor, new HVAC, etc. 72″ floor to ceiling height in box, 146″ length box, standard lay-out. We can do other customizations. We can do storage area in the backseat area such as brackets for SCBA tanks.

We have 54 new 2022 Type I Chassis for 2022 Type I Remount Production (Ram 4wd/2wd, F series 4wd, Chevys). We can provide and install all Stryker and Ferno products.

We start with a high quality used box which gets the full refurbishing, repair, new paint and remounting process, and then mounted on the new chassis of your choice. Cot mount of your choice (additional). Full chassis warranty, and warranty on the remounted box and new ambulance systems and paint warranty. Triple-K, CAAS, FMVSS.  Call for a custom quote, and to see what we may have available now or in production.