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(21) More New 2022 Type III Ambulance Remounts in 2022

New Type III ambulances, we have 21 more New 2022 Type III Chassis and Production slots for 2022 Remount Production (E450 and G4500 with gas engines) as of 4-1-22. And an assortment of good modules to use.   The unit in the pictures on this page is the Crestline remount that finished on 3-28-22.

We start with a high quality used module (box) which gets the full refurbishing new paint and remounting process, mounted on the new chassis of your choice (Chevy of Ford). All of our remounts are very high quality — all new electrical systems, all new lights, new HVAC, new Lonseal floors, etc.

Customizations and options available. Cot mount of your choice (additional). Full chassis warranty, and warranty on the remounted box and systems paint. Triple-K, CAAS, and more. Reduced cost for customer supplied box.

Call for a quote, and to see what we may have available now or in production.